Wednesday, February 13, 2013


First and formost to explain whay I have been away so long, My computer took a nose dive, yep the hard drive deterierated to where I couldnt even get into the computer. so I took the lap top to the lap top doctor and was informed I needed a NEW hard drive and it was very possible that I lost evetyring on it.  NOOOOOOO , what about my DIGIS, what about my PHOTOS what about my DOCUMENTS , oh, who am I kidding, What about my DIGIS , that actually is what I was concerned about. But good news for me , they were able to save everything. Then  the hard part came ,loading all the software back on, but ,,,,,,,,,,hmmmm,,, where did I put all those discs ? I know I put them in a safe place ,LOL. After a day of searching I finally found them ,filed away where they should be , go figure. so as the title says I' back.

Enjoy the next post, we have a new challenge over at DUTCH DARE CARD CHALLENGES.



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Just a little bit of what I enjoy doing , hope you enjoy looking.

After doing a little bit of alot of different crafts I have gone back to what I have always loved. I enjoy coloring , drawing and designing pictures. And thanks to the love and (prodding) of my DH, I am where I belong and am more happy .