Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hi ,

  I have had my granddaughter at the house since Friday afternoon, her mom's been here some of the time ,but I had her overnight. This was her first night in a " big girl " bed, so I had to fall asleep with her for her to stay in bed. So a little while later after she fell SOUND asleep, I inched my way down to the bottom of the bed and very quietly tiptoed my way across the room and as gently as I could opened the door, and hooray she stayed asleep. She went down around 11:00p and awoke at the ungodly hour of 4:30am and wanted to eat. So like a good MaMaw I went downstairs with her and made cherry topped waffles and strawberry milk. 2hrs later we were back in my bed till around 10:00am.
So now I am working on projects that are due for the DTs that I am part of.

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Just a little bit of what I enjoy doing , hope you enjoy looking.

After doing a little bit of alot of different crafts I have gone back to what I have always loved. I enjoy coloring , drawing and designing pictures. And thanks to the love and (prodding) of my DH, I am where I belong and am more happy .