Sunday, April 17, 2011

I didn't know there were muscles there.................

My wonderful husband , and I agreed, to join a gym. After today's assessment , mind you I said assessment, I have realized just how big a slug I am. Goodness, I  barely made it through the assessment , and on my way to the car my left leg gave out and I wound up on the street.( and right in front of a car full of people,) Anyway , I am now paying someone to "beat " me However ,hopefully in a few months some of my clothes will begin to fit better.
I might even find more energy in the process, and feel like being even more creative.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Day Off

Yippee!!! I have a whole day to myself (well almost , the electricians came back this morning to fix the mistake they made Weds.) So ,I did minor cleaning and now I am holed up in my scrap room all day to play.This is a stamp from Great Impressions , pretty eh?

this is what I accomplished today (several of them)!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

trying to get my card done

yesterday was one of those days.  I finished a project for work, photographed it sent to the web. sounds good ? well it was until I went to grab the paper to make the kits, and there were only 2 sheets left. Now I have to redesign the project. Oh well.
Then I began to design my card for Monday nights' class only to have it happen again, aaarggghhh. So i am now redesigning that as well ,this time I made sure there was enough paper. Like I said , " one of those days".

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

If it isn't one thing....

Ok, where do I start? The day began easy and simple enough, morning coffee, laundry ,cleaning, afternoon coffee, another cup of coffee, e-mail and then got ready to come into work. So far so good, right? Got to work  .( halfway there I realized the little gas light is on , and left my credit card home and no cash on me) sense of foreboding is setting in ,don't know why but it is. Start.a project - the key word is start.- will work on it Weds. Get out of work relatively early ,as in still light. Make it home (I'll have my husband put gas in the car ) Change into sweats , go to start the lawnmower (was going to surprise my husband ) and the gas can is gone. Seems my husband had the same idea , he was pulling in the driveway as I went to get the mower, he got gas and a sharpener for the blade. Now here is where it gets eerie, he gets the drill to attach the sharpener to sharpen the blade to the mower. The drill won't start , he thinks "D*** now this is broke , so he gets another drill , same thing. He switches outlets, as he does this he realizes the breaker switch is thrown. Here is where I come in (remember that sense of foreboding), " help me move the freezer it's still kinda cool, I want to check the outlet" says my wonderful husband. We move the freezer, he throws the breaker and And I yell "FIRE" as it shoots out around the plug. We apparently averted a house fire ,because the freezer's contents were almost thawed and inside the outlet box the ground wire was nowhere to be found. It had shorted out and melted . Anyway I had planned on spending the evening crafting and finishing laundry (laundry room's lights are connected to the breaker),and no crafting got done because we were in the garage cleaning out the freezer. With all that said , we were lucky to have found the wiring fault , I got gas put in my car and tomorrow is garbage day!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Card Monday

I can't tell you how much fun it is to teach a class in card making. I hesitate to call what I do "teaching" because I have so much fun with the ladies that stop by. I would rather call it sharing , yes that sounds better , I share every Monday night my love of creating something out of paper. Sometimes they even "share" something with me. I especially like when they share homemade sweet goodies.,(like tonight)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lazy day, pretty day

Woke up late today. I had a midnight crop to work. I ended up watching my Granddaughter for my daughter at the last minute, so it became a " Lylli" day. So nothing got done inside the house or outside ,unless you count chalk drawings as visually enhancing your curb appeal,lol. Anyway time spent with my gbaby is always a pleasure. Things will get done when they get done, in the meantime she always gets my creative juices flowing, she is my little inspiration . So after a short snooze it's up to the craft room and laundry( hey, the housework has to get done sometime:))

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Cards

I love to color and make cards , it is relaxing for me .  I made this card for a class using a stamp set from HERO ARTS.

I would have to say that the PURE INNOCENCE  line from MY FAVORITE THINGS has some of the cutest little girls to color. I picked this one because I call my granddaughter "little Lylli ladybug" or " buggie for short"

All of these cards have been created for classes, I have so much fun doing these cards  with the lovely ladies who attend the Monday night classes at SIMPLY SCRAPBOOKS.

A new card for Monday nights class

The paper in this card started out as a white on white page, but with a little ink you can make it it what ever you want.Stop by and sign up at SIMPLY SCRAPBOOKS in Kettering Ohio for Monday the 11th of April at 5:00pm , and learn a few techniques and make this card. sign up for $2.00.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


If you ever are looking for inspiration to scrapbook, just hang around your 2 year old grandchild for the day. I was so entertained and so enjoyed the day with my granddaughter ,that I took pictures all day of her just being a 2 year old. In the morning I am going to do a few layouts and remember that warm fuzzy feeling I had as I watched her yesterday.

Just a little bit of what I enjoy doing , hope you enjoy looking.

After doing a little bit of alot of different crafts I have gone back to what I have always loved. I enjoy coloring , drawing and designing pictures. And thanks to the love and (prodding) of my DH, I am where I belong and am more happy .