Sunday, April 17, 2011

I didn't know there were muscles there.................

My wonderful husband , and I agreed, to join a gym. After today's assessment , mind you I said assessment, I have realized just how big a slug I am. Goodness, I  barely made it through the assessment , and on my way to the car my left leg gave out and I wound up on the street.( and right in front of a car full of people,) Anyway , I am now paying someone to "beat " me However ,hopefully in a few months some of my clothes will begin to fit better.
I might even find more energy in the process, and feel like being even more creative.

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Just a little bit of what I enjoy doing , hope you enjoy looking.

After doing a little bit of alot of different crafts I have gone back to what I have always loved. I enjoy coloring , drawing and designing pictures. And thanks to the love and (prodding) of my DH, I am where I belong and am more happy .